Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Disney Miss Marple? Surely not

It took me quite a while to get used to Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple

after the inimitable Joan Hickson (Christie's own choice) but get used to her I did and I now think she makes a splendid Marple.

Of course there have been lots of Marple's over the years including our own

Dame Margaret Rutherford

"the maddest thing on screen ever, like a petticoat tornado"

But Jennifer Garner Miss Marple? Surely not.

A Disney Miss Marple? Surely not.
As Agatha Christie herself said (of Rutherford's Marple) “Why don’t they just invent a new character? Then they can have their cheap fun and leave me and my creations alone.”


  1. I always call my sister miss marples as she always wants to know everything..hahha

    The Julia McKenzie episodes are showing here at the moment, but I haven't watched one yet, for some reason it doesn't seem right. I might have to watch the next one when its on.

    A Disney Miss Marples, doesn't seem right, I totally agree. Tam

  2. I heard about this. It's ridiculous. She hasn't a grey hair in sight! x

  3. I think this has to do with the age thing again.. they do not like to cast an actress over 35 these days, whatever the role!
    My Grandmother looked like Margaret Rutherford, and very feisty she was too! Abby x

  4. There is only one Miss Marple for me and that is the wonderful Joan Hickson, Jennifer Garner!!!! rather like replacing David Suchet as Poirot whatever next!! I do enjoy the Julia McKenzie stories though. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  5. Hello Carol ... I have only now discovered your blog, it's wonderful! I love old things and old!
    I love Miss Marple, but here in Italy rarely seen on television, sigh!
    It makes you happy if we do a link exchange?
    Best wishes, *Maristella*.
    (with translator).

  6. I haven't heard about this, but she doesn't look the part. Joan Hickson is my favourite of more recent times (I know, I'm showing my age!), but I do like the old Margaret Rutherford films too. I've watched the more recent versions with Julia McKenzie and quite enjoyed them.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It is always a pleasure to have a new reader.

    Happy Easter.

    Marie x