Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lucy Loveheart

I just discovered that one of my favourite artists, Lucy Clibbon, has a blog It's not a personal blog as such but one attached to her website to keep folk updated as to what she has been up to.

The website, Lucy Loveheart, is full of her wonderful creations, make a cup of tea before you visit because if you're anything like me you'll get lost in her magical world for ages.
All images Lucy Clibbon


  1. I like these. I shall certainly take a look. When I get the chance! x

  2. Beautiful artwork, I have not heard of her before - must take a look at her blog! x

  3. Dear Carol I accidently came accross your blog and I am so delighted that you like my pictures. Its made my day! Thank you for your very kind words. I love your blog its very inspiring.Would you be at all interested in going on my mailing list?
    Hope you are having a magical day love Lucy x