Sunday, 20 March 2011


Corkscrew hazel
Didn't we have glorious weather yesterday? Well we did here, bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Hope that some of it reached your part of the world. And the moon, did you see the full moon last night? It was just enormous, apparently we haven't had a full moon this close to earth since 1992.

The garden is really coming to life now, I don't think I've ever seen so many catkins on our corkscrew hazel as there are this year. The catkins on our willow aren't quite so impressive but still lovely.
I love catkins, a real sign of Spring.
Wish we had a pussy willow.....


  1. I love catkins - always reminds me of my primary school - we used to have milk bottles with them in on our class nature table :)

  2. The moon was beautiful at midnight last night - very bright and clear. Unusually for this part of Scotland, didn't have much cloud. Funnily enough, I agree with previous comment - primary school memories of catkins!

  3. Lovely pictures, we had sunshine in Northumberland yesterday too, although the north east winds made it feel chilly. My memories of catkins are from school days too... am I mistaken or was there a childhood poem about pussy willow? Abby x

  4. we went out last night and coming home in the taxi the moon was beautiful, I felt lucky to have seen it as it was supposed to be cloudy. We had the sunshine too,,,happy day's!! lovely photo's......

  5. Ooh yes, Pussy Willow is lovely. You've reminded me that my Dad has yet to pick me a few sprigs from his nearby wood! Your catkins photos are a treat. x