Friday, 24 September 2010

Too busy

I've been far too busy this week to blog, mainly because we finally collected our little pony, a yearling colt currently going by the name of Murphy. He is at a friends' yard at the moment, there is the small matter of gelding before he can live with our mare Maddie.

I'll be back next week (fingers crossed), I've loads of things to share with you including a little giveaway I've been planning.


  1. Well Mrs!!!! I must have missed a HUGE chunk of stuff here...when and how did all this happen???
    Can't wait to see more of him, or rather less of him when you get him home, hee hee! xxx

  2. he looks like he's going to be a very smart little chap. Good luck with everything that's yet to come!

    Thankyou for your sweet comment(s)
    look forward to hearing more about Murphy

  3. He looks a sweetie, doesn't he? What brought that on?

  4. Oh,how exciting! Welcome to Murphy! Looking forward to your next post.
    I bet you're popping over to see those cute piggies your friend has just bought...I know I would!
    Have a lovely week :o)

  5. I'm just green with envy. Could I just come over and brush him for you? I think that would be enough to make me happy for now.