Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The one about the apple pickers and the wasps

Yesterday my boys went apple picking with friends.

They hadn't been picking very long when one of them felt something crawling in his ear
and the next moment they were descended upon by a swarm of angry wasps.
They ran down the road and round the corner with wasps in hot pursuit all the way to




who of course didn't see the wasps off, for there were only one or two left by this time,
 but they did offer sound advice,
"Back to the orchard  you go and next time you come and see us bring us an apple or two!"

So off they went and they picked lots and lots of apples.

3 stings one on the chin, one on the back and one on the leg
Nicovitch & Madeliene got their apples later in the day.


  1. Eek! What a horrible experience! No wasp sting allergies, I hope?

  2. Thats the problem with fruit, the wasps enjoy it as much as we do so it's a race as to who gets it first.

  3. Sound advice! How scary for them though.


  4. Welcome to Blogland Carol! Hope those stings are better now, and that you have been enjoying something apple delicious! Nice names your horses have!

  5. I'm scared stiff of wasps, what a terrible experience!! I also love your horses names.
    Jo xx

  6. Hi,thanks for dropping by my blog and the comment, your wasp story reminded me of when i was about seven i was out riding with my dad and my pony kicked a wasp nest, and they swarmed on me, and my poor dad dunked me in a stream to get the many wasps off me,getting him self stiung to save me, my pony and his horse were stung, and since that day i have been very allergic, ending up in A & e a few times, so your story really took me back!! hate the damb things! your horses are fab by the way, Linda x

  7. Gorgeous neddies!!!
    I can't wait to read more about them, how lucky you are. I haven't had a horse for 10 years now, I can't admit to missing them, such hard work, worth it though.
    Nasty old wasps, remind me again...what exactly is their purpose in the food chain??? X