Monday, 6 September 2010

This weekend's favourite find

My favourite find this weekend was a vintage tin.

Because it's full of buttons

like these.

They need a bit of a wash but I'm really pleased with them

(More on last weekends favourite find coming soon,
there is a little matter of electric fencing to sort out first..)


  1. Tin? Buttons? I'm in heaven!

    I think those ones in your last photo include some quite early ones...

  2. Me too,
    what is it about buttons no one seems to know why we all like them so much, with me it's nostalgia I remember playing with a large sweet jar full of them at my grandmothers.
    cate x

  3. an old sweetie or biscuit tin is button heaven!
    Aren't we easily pleased :)

    Hope you got the fencing sorted- Always my one panic is that I might forget to switch it on!

  4. thanks for your very sound and practical comment- just what I wanted!
    I agree with your son about needing a shopping cart- I think I'm trying to avoid spending the time (and ££s) getting a selling page put on my website, but I'll give the blog shop a fair trial and load up some more items.
    I just feel sometimes I need an alternative to eBay!

  5. I would have been over the moon with just the tin, but the buttons too... What is it about vintage buttons that gets us all excited? Good luck with the blog.