Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I want a blog

So I want a blog of my own and you wouldn't believe the angst it's causing me, the number of times I've sat down to write this first post and the number of times I've deleted it. But then maybe you do understand, prehaps it's the way new bloggers feel, a bit like the first day at a new school, a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Anyway here goes ...

My name is Carol, I'm married with teenage sons, we live in a 1920's house on the edge of three counties, we're not that far from the sea. We share our lives with dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, chickens, quail, an assortment of  other birds and a tortoise. I'm self employed and as well as being a partner in my husband's business I'm trying to get my own little flegling vintage business started and I'd really like to meet some like minded people...

(Photograph is from an advertisement for Hamley's toy shop found via Tumblr)


  1. Welcome to blogland Carol! It is a bit scary at first but we're a very friendly lot here,and anyway..you've already done the hardest part!
    Look forward to learning more about you and what goes on 'At Home'.

    Bellaboo ;o)

  2. oh Carol, I know JUST how you feel- I got in such a state about it all it was ridiculous- far worse than 1st day at school!
    But you've done the hardest bit and set it up- the rest is all fun fun fun!
    I've met some truly lovely and very generous people, as I sure you will.

    Really looking forward to hearing more about your fab family- certainly sounds intersesting.

    Kindest wishes xx

  3. ps, looks like I can neither spell nor write words correctly. Can't even blame it on the gin (yet!!)

  4. Oh my first post was really weird to write! I wondered if anyone would ever read it...

    Thanks for stopping by my poor old orange pine post, and I hope I'll have prettier things to show you soon! Looking forward to reading more from you, too.

  5. Oh, I can identify with that....
    It took me ages to actually take the plunge and hit the publish button!
    I don't know why I took so long, but I am really pleased I did.....I'm sure you will too.
    Looking forward to your next post,
    Julie x

  6. Hi! so you have a family...the sea...country life...chickens...sounds super fantastic to me!!! pick one of those topics, have a good picture, and write about that picture - if its decorating - that's an easy one - you just describe what you did, or simply post your picture, but if it's writing you are wanting to do, then just do it - don't think about it - you can always edit later :)

    all the best!!
    Anne Marie

  7. Hi Carol
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I was very nervous when I started doing my Blog, but you will enjoy it I promise. It is like writing an on line diary with words and pictures, somewhere to share your thoughts with like minded people. I love blogging, and reading about other peoples lives, houses, vintage finds etc.. Shall look forward to your next post.
    Jo xx

  8. Nice to "meet" you Carol, thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.

    Glad you published this post, it's a good one!

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Sending smiles and best wishes, Carla. xo

  9. It's quite daunting starting up a blog...I used to wonder if anyone would want to read my ramblings, but a few years later it feels as if I've been blogging forever & I have met so many nice people.

    So...welcome to Blogland & have fun!!


  10. Hiya Honey! Welcome and all that. xxx

    You have done the hardest bit in my opinion, and that was picking a name...took me AGES! Then the name I thought of was something I hear many times a day...Are we nearly there yet?? But really, shhhhh don't tell anyone, it's me it refers to...I find, in my life, that I am forever thinking 'when I have done...' or 'when I am there I will...' so Are we nearly there yet is for me, Am I nearly there yet? it should say! Anyways, look at me yabbering on! Your blog looks lovely and I can't wait to read more. Thanks for popping over and commenting...I would never have found you otherwise. Best of luck. x

  11. Thank you for visiting mine! I hope you enjoy the whole experience of blogging! I've made lots of new friends since starting ..and they are all the nicest people ;-)

  12. Welcome to blogland.
    Loveing your blog already.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  13. Yes, I know how you were feeling... I started a blog, but it is not for viewing yet.....so you inspired me, to just do it...Linda from Pa.